Frequently Asked Questions

** This page is currently under construction and therefore does not contain the answers you seek! Check back soon for updates! **


What is it that you do???

I get asked this a LOT. Pretty much what I tell potential new clients (and really, anyone else who asks) is imagine if you had a personal assistant. What sort of tasks would you like someone else to do for you that you do now? Just you know.. keep in mind for most people my skills are over-the-internet, so I can’t have your morning coffee sitting ready for you in the morning.

Essentially you tell me what you need and I either do it, figure out how to do it, or find the right person to get it done. You need swag? Boom – I just had it designed and sent to you for approval before I send it off to get made. You’re looking for some information/research for your book? Here’s 5 links I think you’ll find immensely useful. You need a reminder for an event you’re supposed to be at? I’ve sent you a reminder email. In short: I’m damn handy to have around.


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