ARC Vouchers

Hey everyone! I know Elle has recently rolled out a new giveaway prize she’s never had before, and there’s likely going to be a few questions about it, so I’ve put together this little guide to hopefully answer most of those questions in one place. Should you have any additional questions feel free to contact me via this website, or in Elle’s Facebook group, and I’ll be sure to update this list if I find there’s common questions I have not addressed.

What is an ARC Voucher

An ARC voucher is like a golden ticket. You can do 1 of 2 things with an ARC voucher:

1. You can redeem it immediately for a digital copy of any ONE of Elle’s self-published books (series include: HIM, WAGs, Off-Campus, & Out of Uniform reissues). The only catch is that the book HAS to be released at that time (so you can’t request a copy of a book that gets reissued 2 months from now)


2. You can choose to save the voucher for use at a later date. If you chose to hang on to the voucher it will be for ARC editions ONLY, but it will allow you to receive a guaranteed ARC of a future self-published release or reissue.

*** Please read the Important-to-Note section @ bottom of page ***

Why ARC Vouchers

When Elle does ARCs they are BLOGGER ONLY, and there is no reader lottery. An ARC voucher guarantee’s you an ARC regardless if you’re a blogger or a reader. If you chose to review the book you receive an ARC for, it is always appreciated, but these ARCs are purely gifts for your reading enjoyment.

We do just ask, if you’re receiving an ARC, that you remember that it’s an advanced copy and don’t give away any spoilers – as well as remember YOU received this ARC, and it is intended for YOUR eyes only.

How to get an ARC Voucher

There will be 2 ways to win ARC Vouchers: as individual prizes, or as “add-ons” to other prizes. ALL PRIZES THAT INCLUDE AN ARC VOUCHER WILL OPENLY STATE IT. The best way to win these prizes is by being a member of the Elle Kennedy newsletter (where the vast majority of the giveaways happen), and by being a member of Everything Elle Kennedy, Elle’s Facebook reader group where we occasionally do flash giveaways.

Anyone who wins an ARC Voucher will receive an email from me notifying them of their options. Should you choose to save your voucher for future ARCs you will receive further instructions when you decide to cash it in. If you win a voucher in addition to another prize you will receive separate emails for your voucher & other prize.


1. ARC vouchers are only applicable to ELLE KENNEDY books, and only the series listed above. If other series become available in future, list will be updated.

2. An ARC voucher is non-transferable – only the person who wins it can redeem it. As Elle’s assistant I have the master list of who’s won it, as well as who’s redeemed it.

3. YOU are responsible for remembering you have a voucher. My goal is when ARCs that are eligible are available (or blogger sign-ups are happening) I will try to send out an email to people who have available vouchers. HOWEVER, I cannot promise that you will get an email. FEEL FREE to contact me via email, Elle’s Facebook group, or my website whenever you see announcements for ARC sign-ups if you wish to redeem your voucher.

4. IF / WHEN ARC vouchers are to be discontinued, you will receive notice beforehand, and options will be provided to you at that time on how you may spend your voucher.

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